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Corporate Management Solutions Inc, gives you our commitment to assist your company in identifying qualified candidates on a timely basis.  A position, in any company, only exists if it will make or save the company money.  We understand your need to fill positions quickly because every hour your position goes unfilled with a qualified employee, your company is losing money.  Your time is best spent  doing what you do best, managing your core business.  Hire us to do what we do best, recruiting your future employees. 

In addition to our highly experienced recruiting staff, we are a Preferred Member of Top Echelon Network, the largest network of independent technical recruiters in the United States.  As our fee paying client,  you may search this national database for candidates yourself.   Our firm can identify and recruit talented people across the country regardless of where your job opening may be.

We are large enough to handle your toughest recruiting assignment and personalized enough to  provide you with a variety of services customized services that will provide a staffing solution based upon your unique requirements. These services include the following: Retained Search, Flat Fee Search, Contingency Search, Contract Staffing, Payroll/Employer of Record, and Customized Services.

Retained Search for Client Direct Hire Employees: After one third of the employees total first years’ annual salary has been received, we will assist you in developing a comprehensive position description and begin the confidential search assignment.  After candidates have been presented that match the position description, the second one third of the estimated fee is due.  The final fee payment will be adjusted to the offer accepted by the candidate and is due upon acceptance of the position by the candidate. 

Flat Fee Search for Client Direct Hire EmployeeSame service provided as Retained Search except:  A flat fee for the Project and an deposit to be paid up front is agreed upon before each search begins.   The employer can continue to use any other recruiting options and if CMS does not provide the candidate that gets hired, a portion of the up front deposit will be applied to the next flat fee assignment.

Contingency Search for Client Direct Hire Employee: Based on your requirements, we conduct an in-depth search for the right candidate but only receive payment if you employ a candidate we referred to you.  

In-House Hourly Employment Services: On an hourly fee basis, we can provide employment services such as developing position descriptions with your hiring managers, prescreening your resumes, qualifying your candidates, and other employment functions you don't have the time or expertise to do.

Outplacement Services: We can provide customized outplacement services tailored to each of your employee's needs and to the amount of assistant your company wants to give.  Fees are negotiated for each assignment.

Contract Staffing: We can provide you with qualified professional and technical personnel on a short or long term contract basis.  This service may be provided through Temporary Management Solutions Inc, Corporate Management Solutions Inc,  or Top Echelon Contracting, Inc. This allows us to supply our clients with top-notch professionals anywhere in the country they may be needed.  Since they are our employees, we handle the administrative, and payroll related activities.

Payroll Service/Employer of Record: If you have a candidate you want to hire, Employer of Record™ Rate Caclulatorbut can’t (or don’t want to) put them on your payroll as your employee, put them on ours.  You can outsource 1099 conversion & these types of employment headaches by using our Employer of Record Service.  For a nominal fee, we will hire the candidate, handle the taxes, and can offer our employee a great selection of benefits such as: Weekly Paychecks, Direct Deposit, 401(k) Savings Plan and insurance options which can include Major Medical, Vision, Dental, Accident, Disability, Cancer, & Intensive Care.  You pay one simple invoice. For more detailed information and to help you determine our bill rate for the rate you agreed to pay your candidate, see our Employer of Record Rate Calculator.

Additional Services: Our purpose is to assist you in all aspects of your direct hire or contract staffing needs.  Call us first, we are the only company you will need to call.  We will provide what ever employment service you require through our company, affiliated companies or any other company necessary to get the best results for you.   

Knowing how important your time is, we have provided you with the ability to contact us with your recruiting requirements in several ways.  You may call 260-436-3355 and speak directly to a recruiter, e-mail cmsi@cmsrecruiting.com ,  or US mail to PO Box 288 Auburn, IN 46706 As an added convenience you may "Post Your Jobs" through our web page.   

Corporate Management Solutions Inc is here to provide all

 Your Employment Solutions”.


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